Accommodating bipolar disorder in the workplace

28-Jun-2016 06:34

So what separates the few who are excited about their work from the majority of Americans?While there are some differences among age groups and types of employment, a healthy work environment is key to job satisfaction. Part one, which discusses disclosure and stigma can be found here.Part three, which is on emotional support, can be found here.However, this provides quite an opportunity for accommodation.If scheduling can be done in such a way as to work around the less functional periods, people with bipolar disorder can have their functionality effectively maximized if not completely restored.By requiring employers to make reasonable accommodations, the ADA has had a positive effect on the placement of disabled individuals in the workforce, and has raised the consciousness of U. employers while reducing discrimination against the disabled.The language of the ADA, however, is not precise as to the "accommodations" that an employer is required to make for disabled persons during hiring and employment.

The ADA requires employers to make reasonable accommodations so that workers with disabilities can secure and retain employment.Many who suffer from bipolar can function in the workplace and many are hireable. Find out what types of behaviors to expect and how to approach the specific type of bipolar. Employers often think their position of power gives them the right to bring up the disorder in the workplace, but it doesn't. However, always be positive around the employee, offering encouragement and asking if he needs anything from time to time. Take note of how your employee works with others, productivity, absences and special needs. Think of your best employee, regardless of mental disorders, and promote based on skill.If an area of concern arises, confront it directly and work with your employee to take care of it. If your top employee is a person with bipolar, gauge his performance, absences, relationships with coworkers and how much you've actually noticed the bipolar affecting his performance.Less than one-third of Americans are happy with their work.

Half of the workforce is “checked-out.” Eighteen percent are unhappy with their current position with some even sabotaging the success of their workplace.

Individuals with bipolar disorder are sometimes disciplinary nightmares.

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