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Hubbard spent three semesters at George Washington University but was placed on probation in September 1931. In July 1941, Hubbard was commissioned as a Lieutenant (junior grade) in the U. Having run out of depth charges and with the presence of a submarine still unconfirmed by other ships, Hubbard's ship was ordered back to port.A navy report concluded that "there was no submarine in the area." A decade later, Hubbard claimed he had sunk a Japanese submarine in his Scientology lectures.

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Of the 400 women involved in the survey, conducted by Dotty Bingo, 78 per cent said a firm no to dating 'cult' members, despite the alluring presence of celebrities such as John Travolta and the spurned Cruise.If you reach the highest auditing levels (which is rumoured to cost hundreds of thousands of pounds) – and Tom Cruise is in this very exclusive club – it's said you'll learn the truth about 'Xenu', an intergalactic god who travelled to earth 75 years ago to bury the souls of his people in Earth's volcanoes.There have also been rumours about The Hole - an office/prison where followers are punished - and Sea Org, a 6000-strong unit within Scientology run like a military camp that grooms children to become future leaders.After reassignment to a naval facility in Monterey, California, Hubbard became depressed and fell ill.

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Reporting stomach pains in April 1945, he spent the remainder of the war as a patient in Oak Knoll Naval Hospital in Oakland, California.

That is because Scientology teaches an individual to communicate more freely with others, raises the capacity to love and puts one in better communication with family and friends.

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