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"Seriously, we had only known one another for a few days but are Read More Hannah Hooper met Christian Zucconi late one evening on the lower east side of Manhattan.

"Seriously, we had only known one another for a few days but are both so inspired and alive when we are together that going to Greece seemed like a magical and natural thing to do" recalls Zucconi.

CZ: Our headspace was just being able to breathe again and be artists again and on tour, which is an amazing thing and is really important for us to be a live band every night, but this was really awesome to finally get home and not have a deadline and not worry.

This was the first time we really took a step back and write just for the writing sake with really no end goal in mind.

It all comes down to comfort, says the musician, whose off-stage look is decidedly more tomboy — influenced in part by the closet she shares with husband Christian Zucconi, the band’s lead vocalist and guitarist. Last year we did a tour that took us everywhere from Korea to Australia, New York and Chicago. It’s comfort, but it’s about sharing clothes [with Christian]. Right now his hair is blue and green and mine is pink and yellow.

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"I had to go through a lot of ripped jeans, skirts that were too short on high stages and other moments," says Hooper before honing in on her onstage style. And Christian, my husband, who is also in the band — we share everything. I am naturally curvy so it shows through in what I wear, but it’s also the way I carry myself.

But from that night forward the two could hardly be pulled apart.

Soon after their connection Hooper was invited to an art residency in Greece on the island of Crete and Hooper insists "without any hesitation" she invited Zucconi to join her on this journey.

I was more punk in high school, then I was more skater and when I moved to New York and I got more black clothing and more sophisticated looks. A., I got a lot more comfortable wearing my vintage clothes and thrift clothes again. I painted a lot and had a lot of splatters all over my clothes. As an artist you also have a hand in shaping the band's aesthetic. I make my own outfits, I paint all our amps, I made our backdrop, I made our album cover.

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PV: Big Mess as a whole feels really chilled out and nothing seems rushed. When you were creating this album, especially with all of the things going on in your life the past few years, where was your headspace at?CZ: Yeah, this was the first time we worked with another producer outside of Ryan and the band producing all in-house you know?