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17-Feb-2016 02:36

The following topics are covered: When using versions prior to EF6, only one Code First model could be used to generate/manage the schema of a database.

This is the result of a single __Migrations History table per database with no way to identify which entries belong to which model.

You cannot specify multiple collations for an operation.

For example, you cannot specify different collations per field, or if performing a find with a sort, you cannot use one collation for the find and another for the sort.

Our edited migration is ready to go, so let’s use Update-Database to bring the database up-to-date.

This time let’s specify the –Verbose flag so that you can see the SQL that Code First Migrations is running.

Joomla can use different kinds of SQL database systems and run in a variety of environments with different table-prefixes.

New versions of the Joomla Platform API provide additional functionality which extends the database layer further, and includes features such as connectors to a greater variety of database servers and the query chaining to improve readability of connection code and simplify SQL coding.

Large updates become much easier to perform when you understand some of the basic principles of database design.

An Access database is not a file in the same sense as a Microsoft Office Word 2007 document or a Microsoft Office Power Point 2007 slide deck.

Starting with EF6, the Configuration class includes a Context Key property.

This acts as a unique identifier for each Code First model.

Besides instantiating the object you need just two lines of code to get a result from the database in a variety of formats.

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